Saturday, April 27, 2013



It is Saturday afternoon and as the clock ticks 3pm, an informer calls me up.
“I have a hot story for you,” the informer says with a hasty tone before losing taste for suspense and urging: “Just get yourself down to the Wilson airstrip… Jaguar…”
“Jaguar? What about Jaguar?” I wonder aloud as the caller disconnects, leaving me confused.
Frantically, I try to reach out to the singer, all in vain as my paparazzi instincts get aroused.
By now, the caller’s number has gone mute. I arm myself with a camera, call my taxi guy James, and command him to head to Wilson. Upon getting there, I make no sight of Jaguar and my frantic efforts to get to the waiting lobby are thwarted by heavy security guards, who don’t give a damn about my rhetoric, that I am a good ol’ scribe in the line of duty, trying to investigate a story.
Worse so, even Jaguar’s mobile phone has been switched off.
As I ponder my next move, to my reprieve, a young man dressed in airport attendant’s gear sighs as he passes by, waving his hand, directing me to follow him. I oblige.
“I am the one who called you. I got some photos for you. Jaguar has just left in his new plane. He was with some musicians, and I am aware they have gone to Naivasha for the weekend,” he drops the shocker, before pulling out his camera in which there is a sequence of pictures of the singer standing by a sporty Bentley convertible and a six sitter plane, both christened with Jaguar’s name.
Jaguar's Plane
I can hardly identify the individuals but two look familiar; the two bodyguards Jaguar had been moving with during the campaign period after word went round he was working closely with (now) President Uhuru Kenyatta.
The informer, who now introduces himself, as John wants nothing to do with the story and pictures. In fact, all he asks for is a few coins to quench his throat over the weekend.
“Jaguar bought this plane during the campaigns and he is always coming here over the weekend to fly out. He was in Diani last weekend and now, he has left for Great Lake Resort in Naivasha. The Bentley left with someone else alongside another car,” John informs.
I hand the guy some little cash and in another minute, the pictures are safe in my flash disk… Mission accomplished, almost.

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