Monday, November 04, 2013


Nigerian actor Van Vicker has come out to deny claims that he suffered fatal injuries in a severe accident yesterday on his way to Church and was hospitalized in critical condition as claimed by an impostor site on Facebook.
Yesterday afternoon social media was awash with a disturbing bloody photograph of the actor with the accompanying information that he had been involved in a tragic road accident on his way to worship. 
Van has since trashed the story saying that it is the work of impostor pages who do thus with the intent of increasing the traffic on their pages. He went on to further reassure his fans that he is in good health and that the incident was indeed made up.
There is a post on an imposter's page that I had an accident this morning on my way to church and I might die from bleeding. Its a rumor and a stunt to drive traffic to that page. I am well and in great health. JeHoV dey by my side. StayEeasy


  1. we were very worried. we thank God for you are safe, you are our best actor and we pray God dat He may protect you and your family. shalom.

  2. am not prepared to loose my best actor. May God's protection be with you in everything, everywhere and every time of your life. .